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• Our Favourites / selected for you


In a world with already

so many beautiful things,

we just make products

we love


lifestyle, clothing & stationery

26July-MonkAnna-_SimoneFrank73 - edit 2 - LR.jpg
26July-MonkAnna-_SimoneFrank47 - edit LR.jpg
26July-MonkAnna-_SimoneFrank226 - edit LR.jpg
1601759 - Monk & Anna - phone pouch - sienna - style shot 01.jpg
26July-MonkAnna-_SimoneFrank39 LR.jpg

• Phone pouch

• Farou half moon bag

let's walk the path

to the moon and back

exploring what is there

celebrating you and i

when the sun goes down

and the half moon is up

it's time to go dancing

together with farou

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