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Haruo drawstring backpack • midnight blue

A midnight blue + linen backpack with adjustable shoulderhandles. Made of high quality linen en the front pocket is made of vegan leather. The front pocket has an invisible closing magnet and inside you find an extra pocket to store some small items.



inspired by his little brother nias
haruo is just not an ordinary one
he is ready to take you futher
be ready to go with him

Haruo drawstring backpack • midnight blue

SKU: 1601235
Colour: midnight blue
  • sizes
    bag - 27 x 13 x 37 cm
    flap - 20 x 24,5 cm
    front pocket - 20 x 17 cm

    bag - natural linen
    lining - natural linen
    front pocket - PU leather
    strap - natural linen
    cord - cotton

    the front pocket continues into the left side
    the flap will be closed with a press button
    inside you will find an extra pocket

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